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Candidate Registration Agreement

I understand that I am registering to use the ePortfolio system for the purpose of submitting my materials to the National Board for scoring. My uploaded materials are subject to all current National Board policies, guidelines, and technical specifications as described in the instructions provided on the National Board website. I am responsible for ensuring that my materials meet all National Board requirements.

I understand and agree that the handling of personal information I provide in order to create an account and the information contained in the materials I upload are governed by this Candidate Registration Agreement and this site's Privacy Policy.

I understand that once I submit my materials for scoring and/or the submission window closes, my submission is final and I will no longer have access to modify my files in the system. I understand that if I have uploaded materials to the system prior to the end of my submission window but have not submitted them by the end of my submission window, they will be submitted to the National Board for scoring on my behalf. If I do not wish for my materials to be forwarded to the National Board for scoring, I must delete them from the system prior to the close of the submission window.

I understand and agree that I am responsible for reviewing the accuracy of my uploaded materials prior to submission. In the event that there are any problems or issues with my use of the ePortfolio system for registration or submission of materials, for which I am not responsible, I agree that my remedies will be limited to an opportunity for resubmission of my materials, subject to the approval of the National Board, and I waive any other claims or remedies.

I agree to conduct transactions with the National Board by electronic means, including my registration to use, and my submission of materials through, the ePortfolio system.

1. Signed Release Forms

You must obtain signed release forms from the parents/legal guardians of all students under the age of 18, from all students who are 18 and over, and from all adults who appear or are heard in your video recordings or who are shown in any photographs you submit, or whose work is included as part of your materials to the National Board. You must keep these forms in your files indefinitely, and you must provide copies of the forms to the National Board for auditing or other purposes upon request. Your agreement here verifies that you have obtained completed forms for granting permission to you to record and submit the videos, images, and work for all students and adults whose videos, images, or work are included in your materials.

2. Photo Identification

Candidates submitting materials for scoring are to remain anonymous in the scoring process, so the National Board will no longer require the submission of a photo ID with the video materials. However, at any point in the process, the National Board may request, and you must provide, a copy of a valid photo ID to verify identity.

3. Partial Submissions

The ePortfolio process requires candidates to upload their scoring materials and click a button to submit them for scoring. Candidates are required to manage this process within the time allotted for the ePortfolio submission window. Once the submission window closes, you will no longer be able to modify your uploaded materials. After the submission window closes, the National Board will submit for scoring all materials that have been uploaded but not submitted by candidates. Materials that candidates do not want scored must be removed from the system by the candidate before the submission window closes. Once submitted, materials will be scored, and the scores cannot be cancelled.

Candidate Release Agreement

As a participant in the certification assessment or renewal process being conducted by the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards® (National Board), I understand that I will be submitting video recordings of me, my students and perhaps other individuals as I teach class(es), as well as other portfolio entry or component materials such as written commentary sheets, instructional materials, essays, classroom plans, assignments, professional growth experiences and commentary (collectively the Submissions). In addition, as part of the assessment, I may be asked to submit samples of student or learner work (the Student Work).

The National Board owns and has broad rights to use my Submissions. I hereby assign National Board all of my rights, title, and interest, including copyrights, in and to those Submissions; grant the National Board a perpetual, irrevocable, royalty-free, and unrestricted license in all other intellectual property rights in such Submissions (including rights of publicity); waive any rights that I may have with respect to such Submissions (including moral rights); and release the National Board from all claims (including invasion of privacy) in connection with its use of my Submissions. In addition, I authorize the National Board to excerpt my image, voice, and likeness from my video/photograph Submissions for use in promoting the National Board. The National Board also obtains certain rights with respect to the Student Work that I submit.

The National Board may use my Submissions and the Student Work, in its discretion, to further its mission of promoting excellence in education and teaching. For instance, in addition to uses related to my assessment by the National Board and any third-parties who assist in the assessment process, the National Board may post the Submissions and Student Work in a password-protected online database where they can be accessed by others for educational, research, and professional development purposes, and it may use the Submissions and Student Work in the National Board works and publications. The National Board may receive fees from those to whom it grants access to the Submissions and Student Work. These uses may make my Submissions and the Student Work available for viewing by a broad range of individuals, educators, and students. The National Board's rights in Student Work are as authorized by the Release Forms.

The National Board will not publicly connect my name with my Submissions. Although the National Board, or its designee, may use and make my Submissions available to others as discussed above, the National Board will not affirmatively connect my name, nor the last names of my students, with the Submissions and the Student Work. I understand, however, that those viewing the Submission may be able to identify me or my students by recognizing me or them by sight or voice. Moreover, if one of the video participants addresses me or another student by name, or if I am wearing a name tag, the National Board will not redact the name before making use of the Submission.